Tsuriai  Dojo

Kyokushin Karate

About our Dojo

In our Dojo we train hard, responsibly and with a lot of fun!

Kyokushinkai Karate is the hardest form of full contact karate. Despite this hard form, Kyokushinkai is for everyone. Both people who want to train recreationally and low-threshold, as well as people with competition ambitions.
Everyone is welcome and everyone can participate at his or her own level. We offer challenging training on a technical, physical and mental level. However, in a safe environment. Besides the sporting element, the fun factor is very important. After all, without fun nobody lasts long.

We offer training for everyone aged 12 years and older. In the future we will offer special youth classes for children as young as 6 years old.

Tsuriai Dojo is a member of the Dutch Kyokushin karate Organization (NKKO). The NKKO in turn is affiliated with NOC/NSF.

We regularly participate in various federation activities. Every member can participate. Such as the central training in top sports center Papendal and many other activities throughout the year.
The instructors are Pascal Claessens and Elion Peters. Both gentlemen have been associated for decades with martial arts, especially Kyokushin Karate. Both Pascal and Elion have been raced to 2nd Dan.


Tsturiai Dojo is affiliated with the Dutch Karate Kyokushin Organization (NKKO) www.nkko.nl.
To be affiliated with the NKKO, the gym owner must be in possession of at least 2nd Dan, nationally recognized diploma "Leraar martial Arts"(LMA3), first aid and a VOG. Tsuriai Dojo meets these requirements.

What does our name "TSURIAI DOJO" mean?
"Tsuriai" is derived from the Japanese word "tsuri" (釣り) meaning "balance." The word "Tsuriai" is composed of "tsuri" and "ai" (合い), meaning "match" or "harmonize." Put together, it can be interpreted as "balance" or "harmony."
In the context of Kyokushin karate, "Tsuriai" is understood in several ways. We now describe two of them.

Physical balance:
This refers to the importance of physical balance and poise in the execution of techniques, katas and fights in Kyokushin karate. The idea is that if you are physically unbalanced, your techniques will not be effective, and you will be vulnerable during fights. Therefore, the training focuses on developing physical balance.

Mental balance:
This refers to mental balance which is perhaps the most important form of balance. The idea is that an imbalance in your life can have consequences. Therefore, mental balance is considered essential. In the context of Kyokushin karate and the "Never give up" mentality, it is emphasized that challenging the body during training sessions also helps develop your mental resilience. This mental balance can then be useful in daily life, work, school, etc. And. it can help you manage challenging situations.

So the name "Tsuriai Dojo" refers to the importance of both physical and mental balance in practicing Kyokushin karate and possibly as a broader philosophy for daily life.